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Entera Utility Contractors



🟢 Positive


Director, Safety and Operational Support Services

Date of Experience


Date Submitted

Oct 19, 2023

Did you receive safety training?

🟢 Yes

Were you made aware of hazards on the job?

🟢 Yes

Did you witness or experience an injury on the job?

🔴 Yes

Did you witness or experience bullying or harassment on the job?

🟢 No

Did the company have an incident reporting process?

🟢 Yes

Did you feel comfortable reporting safety incidents to management?

🟢 Yes

Additional details:

I started with Entera in 2006 and have been involved with its growth from 30 odd workers to over 300 today. The top level management support in safety has been present from the start. There have been growing pains but there has always been a culture of learning from past mistakes and continous improvement. I have enjoyed my first 17 years there and look forward to continuing to make this company better through to retirement!

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