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Make a personal commitment to oppose unsafe work.


When my work makes me feel unsafe, unsure, or worried, I stop doing it and say something. Refusing unsafe work is my right — and it protects me and everyone around me.

I speak out when I see someone working in unsafe conditions. I will be vigilant on behalf of my family, co-workers, and employees.

If I get hurt at work, I will tell my employer — no matter how small or insignificant the injury may seem. By reporting accidents, corrective action can be taken so that other people don’t get hurt or killed.

When I start a new job or task, I always ask for orientation and training. I recognize that new workers are much more likely to be injured during the first month than experienced workers.

Today, 7,616 people will die from a work-related accident or disease. I stand with people working in unsafe conditions around the world. I am committed to bringing this issue to the forefront of public dialogue.

Thanks for taking the pledge! You've joined thousand of people around the world who are committed to opposing unsafe work.

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